Full Steam Ahead

Full Steam Ahead

Digitalisation has not only changed our personal lives; it has also fundamentally changed the way businesses across all sectors operate. The digital evolution has led to a fourth industrial revolution. At the Laroy Group we are well aware of these big changes and we want to make absolutely sure that we are moving with the times.
Technologies such as virtual reality, 3D printing and the internet of things have ushered in a new era: the fourth industrial revolution. With its unprecedented levels of technological progress, this is set to be an era of change, affecting how we all live and work. Businesses are also re-thinking their processes so that they can take full advantage of the powers of digitalisation. So, how are we planning to do this at the Laroy Group?

Strong Online Presence

As you have probably noticed, our company has a very active online presence as both a corporate business and a collection of individual brands. We take a unique approach with each of our brands, as each brand has its own target group and goals:
  • Duvo+ targets the world of animal lovers. With this brand we focus on the emotional relationship between a pet and its guardian and the fun times they share together. Read some of our stories at www.duvoplus.com.
  • Witte Molen is all about high quality food for rabbits, rodents and birds. This brand also offers sound advice and information about keeping pets (www.wittemolen.nl).
  • CéDé are experts at fulfilling bird fanciers’ needs, keeping them informed online and providing detailed, appetising descriptions of their recipes on their website (www.cede.be).
  • EBI is working on a new online platform which is set to be a source of inspiration for anyone who is both a fan of interior design and lifestyle and a pet lover (www.ebi.eu coming soon)

Successful E-Commerce

Laroy Group is an online house of brands – a place where our own brands and our partner brands can be found side by side. It is also an ordering platform which offers many benefits and is becoming increasingly popular. Ordering and re-ordering online is quick, simple, and can be done at any time, unlike ordering by phone (not 24/7, time-intensive etc.), by fax (old-fashioned, not always clear) or by email (time-consuming and often inefficient).
Our E-commerce platform is also a great source of information for our customers. We always offer the most up-to-date range of products and customer information (prices, reductions etc.). You can also access your order history and easily import and export to Excel.


The Power of (Big) Data

Each and every product in our extensive range is linked to images and information. Our aim is to support sales as much as possible by supplying all the relevant information about each product in our web shop or catalogue.
Data is also playing an increasingly important role in our logistics. If we have plenty of information about each product, we can optimise our distribution process and our sales locations. Data really is the key to a successful multi-channel sales approach, helping to match each product with the right customer at the right moment and in the right location.

That’s Just the Beginning…

As you can see, digitalisation is part of our company’s DNA. But we plan to harness its powers even further in the future. Each day we think long and hard about how we can become an even greater key player in this digital revolution; consequently, we have plenty of plans in the pipeline for more online developments. So keep an eye on what we’re up to in this exciting fourth industrial revolution!

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