Our new displays

Our new displays

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At Laroy Group, we understand the importance of an attractive and effective presentation of products in the retail environment. That's why we are excited to introduce our latest collection of displays, designed to present your products in a distinctive way and grab customers' attention.


No Hassle, Only Results

Forget the hassle of filling displays. At Laroy Group, we take this task off your hands. Our displays are completely filled with our products, ready to be placed directly in the store. You don't have to worry about putting them together - it's simply unpack and present.


A Uniform Presentation

With our uniformly filled displays, we ensure a consistent and attractive presentation of the products in your store. This not only creates a professional appearance, but also maximizes brand visibility, customer engagement and ultimately sales results


Increase Your Sales

By using our ready-made displays, you not only improve efficiency, but also increase sales. Customers are attracted by the clear and attractive presentation, resulting in increased willingness to buy and impulse purchases.





Concept display duvoplus snacks dog & cat

This display offers a wide variety of delicious snacks. Soft, chewable, biscuits – everything is available to allow the customer to choose from the best of Duvoplus as a treat for their dog or cat. There are even vegetarian snacks available on this display! Click here to go to the link.

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Concept display electronic feeders and toys

The Ebi display is filled with a selection of our best electronic toys and automatic feeders. This display includes popular interactive toys such as the Twist & Lick ball, the RC Cat Chaser, and the Speedy Mousse. Even our beloved Kualo smart feeder with a camera will garner interest!!

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Concept display garden bites toppers

The delicious and healthy snacks from Garden Bites are indispensable in your pet store. That's why we've listed all the best-selling snacks from this range and filled a beautiful display with them. It's packed with the regular Garden Bites as well as the Fruity Friends.

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Empty display

In the duvoplus Ocean range, recognizable by the blue support color, we have thousands of items available. A useful selection of items for an sales-boosting secondary placement in the store, thus, has endless possibilities. Therefore, we deliver this display empty and plano (as a space-saving kit), so that you can determine the right selection for your store with your account manager.

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A few new filled displays will soon be added to our assortment.

Keep an eye on our news page and electronic updates for more information.