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Eye- and ear-care

The eyes and ears of your dog or cat are highly sensitive senses. Good eye and ear care is not only important for maintaining their health but can also contribute to their overall well-being. Regularly cleaning your pet's eyes and ears can help prevent infections and irritations.

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Discover the best way to care for your beloved dog or cat's eyes and ears 

Make sure to use eye or ear cleaners specially developed for dogs or cats.

  • duvoplus Eye Cleaner: This specially formulated eye cleaning lotion is mild and non-irritating, perfect for both dogs and cats. It not only cleans effectively but also soothes and removes dried tear stains under the eyes. With duvoplus Eye Cleaner, you'll keep your pet's eyes clean and comfortable. It's easy to use: apply a few drops directly to your pet's eye or use a tissue with some Eye Cleaner. Gently wipe away excess liquid with a cloth. For optimal results, we recommend repeating this treatment weekly.
  • duvoplus Ear Cleaner: Our soothing ear cleaning lotion is specially designed for dogs and cats. It thoroughly cleans and removes excess earwax from the ear canal and, more importantly, eliminates bad odors. With duvoplus Ear Cleaner, you'll ensure fresh and healthy ears for your pet. Application is easy: apply a few drops directly into your pet's ear and massage the ear gently. Then, gently clean your pet's ears with a cotton swab or cloth. Regular use is recommended for optimal ear hygiene.

Choose duvoplus Eye Cleaner and Ear Cleaner for the best care for your loyal companion's eyes and ears. With our specially formulated products, you'll keep their senses fresh and comfortable, and give them the attention they deserve. Your pet will thank you!