Visit from Witte Molen!

Visit from Witte Molen!

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Laroy Group is privileged to have two proprietary food production companies under its wing, each representing its own and unique expertise. Based in the Netherlands, Witte Molen has developed into a leading authority on compound feed production, with a particular focus on nutrition for birds and small animals. The precision and care with which they formulate their products have earned them a respected position in the market.

On the other hand, Cédé is a true pioneer in egg feed production, using an innovative and unique baking process that sets them apart in their field. The constant search for perfection in their production process has earned them a well-deserved reputation.

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming the esteemed employees of Witte Molen for a special visit to our headquarters in Wondelgem, Belgium. This visit included a thorough exploration of our brand new warehouses and modern office facilities, giving our Dutch guests an in-depth understanding of our operational infrastructure. This also provided the opportunity to forge valuable connections and friendships with their Belgian colleagues, fostering mutual cooperation and strengthening the Laroy Group team feeling.

Moreover, visitors to Witte Molen got a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the production process at Cédé in Evergem, where they witnessed the special methods that make this egg feed bakery so unique. This exchange moment served not only to reveal Cédé's special techniques and approaches, but also to facilitate a fruitful exchange of insights, expertise and best practices between these two essential pillars of our global pet food network. These types of interactions strengthen the interconnections within our organization and reinforce our collective commitment to excellence in the pet sector.