Corner stone

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Made in high-grade polyester resin
Non-toxic and colourfast
With rest or basking place and hiding place
Wet or dry mounting
Description: This terrarium ornament is a naturalistic decoration from Terra Della made in polyester resin. Completely non-toxic and colourfast Can be used for rest, for basking or as a hiding place. Wet or dry mounting Ideal for terrapins.

Available sizes

Item code Dimensions Finish order
Art. code: 236/463734
Ean: 4047059463734
L - 25,8x25,5x19CM Order online
Art. code: 236/463741
Ean: 4047059463741
M - 18,5x18,4x16CM Order online
Art. code: 236/463758
Ean: 4047059463758
S - 15,3x15,4x12CM Order online