Urbyss q

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Cubical aquarium with 5mm bended & polished glass
3mm polished cover glass
Plastic support clips
Protective underlayer
Suitable for families and advanced aquarium enthusiasts
Description: Aqua Della markets its own aquarium range under the name Urbyss. These small to medium-sized water parks have a capacity of 10 to 50 liters and are made of 5 mm curved and polished glass. Both beginners and advanced aquarists will certainly enjoy themselves with these aquariums. All Aqua Della products are tested with great care for quality, functionality and safety. Urbyss aquariums have 3 basic shapes: R = rectangular, Q = cubic and S = deep aquarium. Urbyss R and Q each come in 4 sizes, the Stretch is available in 1 elongated size. The Stretch is a unique aquarium with a deep view, ideal for placing trendy ornaments or for aquascaping.

Available sizes

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Art. code: 202/459140
Ean: 4047059459140
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Art. code: 202/459157
Ean: 4047059459157
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Art. code: 202/459164
Ean: 4047059459164
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Art. code: 202/459171
Ean: 4047059459171
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