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Straw fibre

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  • Environmentally friendly and dust-free floor covering
  • Made from chopped wheat straw
  • High absorption of urine and odours
  • Biodegradable
  • Economical, for chickens and small mammals
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2,8kg/45L 14480
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Product Description

Environmentally friendly, dust-free bedding made of straw fibres

duvoplus straw fibre is an environmentally friendly and dust-free ground cover for small mammals and chickens. 100% natural and ecological, since the straw can go on the compost heap after use. Straw fibre is chopped wheat straw, making it shorter and finer than normal straw. Due to its shorter structure, straw fibre has a high absorption capacity, absorbs unpleasant odours very quickly and is economical to use. Straw fibre is also the perfect alternative to wood fibre.

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