Calcium bird perch

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Brand: duvoplus
Calcium-based bird perch
Keeps the nails short and the beak sharp
Calcium is necessary for developing a healthy skeleton
Prevents boredom and feather pecking
Easy to fasten to the house thanks to the practical wing nut
Description: This duvoplus calcium perch helps your bird to sharpen its beak and keep its nails short in a natural way. The rough structure assures a good grip. Birds require calcium for developing a healthy skeleton. Easy to fasten the perch with the practical wing nut. This perch is a real enrichment for your bird´s house. Choose the right size for your bird(s). The bird´s feet must cover 2/3rds of the perch and may not overlap with one another.

Available sizes

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Art. code: 12789
Ean: 5414365366476
S -15x2,5cm Order online
Art. code: 12790
Ean: 5414365366506
M - 20x3cm Order online
Art. code: 12791
Ean: 5414365366537
L - 25x4cm Order online