Balcony safety net

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Brand: Duvo+
Cat safety net for balconies or windows
Prevents your cat from jumping out or falling
UV-resistant net made from transparent nylon
Mesh size: 3x3cm
Includes string and hooks for instalment
Description: Cats can be real daredevils and they like to get out and about. With the Duvo+ safety net you can give your cat access to your balcony without any worries. The net can be attached to the balcony or window to ensure that your cat cannot jump or fall out. The net is transparent ensuring that it is inconspicuous. It is made of UV-resistant nylon and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Available sizes

Item code Dimensions Finish order
Art. code: 11509
Ean: 5414365328559
300x200cm Order online
Art. code: 11510
Ean: 5414365328580
400x300cm Order online