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Chicken harness black

In stock Various sizes
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  • Comfortable, breathable Oxford fabric
  • Size easily adjustable
  • Design ensures optimal distribution of tension
  • Comfortable shape for every chicken and easy to put on
  • Easy click closure
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S - 24x16x28-38cm
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M - 30x19x37-47cm
Art. nr.:
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L - 35x23x49-56cm
Art. nr.:
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Dimensions Article code EAN Price And order
S - 24x16x28-38cm 11461
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M - 30x19x37-47cm 11462
L - 35x23x49-56cm 11463

Product Description

Comfortable, safe harness for chickens

Chickens are friendly and sweet and love to learn. Just like cats and dogs, they can be trained to do all sorts of things. Training together strengthens your bond and can help to prevent stress. You can easily make your chickens tame and train them. With the duvoplus chicken harness, you can teach your chicken to go for a walk with you. The harness is also handy if your chicken does not have enough space to roam around. You can simply put them on the leash in order to allow them to move around, ensuring that they stay fit and healthy. The harness is made from breathable Oxford fabric to ensure optimal comfort for your chicken. The design also features an easy-to-use click closure. This ensures that it is comfortable for the chicken when you put the harness on. The design of the harness ensures optimal spread of tension, which also makes this very comfortable for your chicken.