Trendy bowl jasper

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Brand: D&d
Product line: Home Collection
Can be used for food or water
8mm-thick sides, so very sturdy
Contemporary design
Rubber protectors on the bottom
Description: The "Jasper" bowl is a ceramic dish which can be used for food or water. It has 8mm-thick sides, ensuring that it is very sturdy. The dish has a great contemporary look thanks to the vintage green glaze finish. The base of the dish has rubber protectors to prevent scratches on your floor.

Available sizes

Item code Dimensions Finish order
Art. code: 621/446119
Ean: 4047059446119
Ø13cm Order online
Art. code: 621/446126
Ean: 4047059446126
Ø16cm Order online
Art. code: 621/446133
Ean: 4047059446133
Ø20cm Order online