Woodland chicken coop ranch country 198x76x122cm

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Brand: Duvo+
Product line: Woodland
Accommodates 7 chickens
With 2 nest boxes, a perch and staircase
Shelter and large run
With high quality wood and roofing
With 4 doors and hygienic sliding door
Description: The Duvo+ Farmhouse Ranch Country chicken coop is, as the name suggests, a very spacious chicken coop in a country style. The coop has two levels. Underneath there is a spacious run which is connected by a staircase to the enclosed upper level which has 2 nesting boxes a perch. The coop can accommodate up to 7 chickens and has a sliding drawer and 4 doors to ensure that it is simple to clean and to give your chickens fresh food and water. The coop has been treated with one coat of varnish but we recommend that you repeat this process regularly to extend the life of the coop.
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