Scratching tree akita Brown 37x37x111cm

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Brand: Ebi
Dutch design cat tree
Inspired by the Japanese Zen concept
Including two tubes and cave for relaxing
Interior fabric with comfortable foam
Cave with teddy-fur cushion
Description: For cats a quality scratcher is necessary to take care of their nails and to mark their territory. Sisal is a natural and very robust fiber that helps the cat remove the flaky top layer of the nails. This prevents in growing nails. A scratcher is therefore a must for every cat! The EBI cat tree ‘Akita’ is a Dutch Design, inspired by the Japanese Zen concept. The aesthetics of this pole resemble calmness, and minimalism. So, this pole, covered in soft interior fabric, matches every interior. This pole contains a cave with teddy-fur cushion, for a very comfortable sleep. On top there are two layers, each containing a tunnel with cushion. This makes the pole the ideal hangout spot for your cat.

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