Action air turtle Multicolour 8,5x7,5x8CM

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Action air: Connect to air pump to improve oxygen level
Made in high quality polyester resin
Non-toxic and pH-neutral, does not affect the biological equilibrium
For freshwater and saltwater aquariums
Note: remove the decoration from the box carefully and rinse with lukewarm water
Description: This turtle is an ornament from the action air series from Aqua Della. These cartoon-style animals are fitted with a tube which can be connected to an air pump. This improves the oxygen level of the water and also creates bubbles, making it look as if the animals are blowing them out. These themed ornaments are designed to match each other, to create a consistent atmosphere. It is made in polyester resin. This decoration is completely non-toxic and does not affect the biological balance in your aquarium. The decoration is suitable for both freshwater and marine aquariums Instructions: Take the decoration carefully out of the box and rinse with tepid water. Caution: Do not use soap, all-purpose cleaners or other cleaning agents (e.g. hydrogen peroxide, thinner, turpentine).

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