Fishnet u-shaped White

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Brand: Ebi
Strong & durable nylon fabric
long handle
Fine net
For easy catching of small fish or removal of plant debris
Description: This handy fishing net makes it easy to catch fish and remove plant debris. The v-shape and long handle make it easy to reach all corners and edges of an aquarium.

Available sizes

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Art. code: 215/102565
Ean: 4047059102565
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Art. code: 215/102572
Ean: 4047059102572
10CM Order online
Art. code: 215/102589
Ean: 4047059102589
12CM Order online
Art. code: 215/102596
Ean: 4047059102596
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Art. code: 215/102602
Ean: 4047059102602
20CM Order online
Art. code: 215/102626
Ean: 4047059102626
25CM Order online