Snack mat deluxe Multicolour 75x50x6cm

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Brand: duvoplus
Product line: playtime
Made from fleece fabric in a selection of colours
Keeps dogs and cats busy while they snuffle for their snacks
Stimulates the natural hunting instinct
With non-slip
Prevents boredom
Description: Hide your cat or dog's favourite snacks in the duvoplus snack mat deluxe. When you hide the snacks in the mat, the design of the mat ensures that the food gets into all the little corners. This ensures that your dog or cat's natural hunting instinct is stimulated as it is a challenge for your pet to find the snacks. The snack mat deluxe is a fun activity and an ideal way to prevent boredom. The food mat also helps to prevent weight problems and ensures that your pet eats more slowly. Snuffling and searching for food stimulates your pet's natural instinct to forage. Your cat or dog will feel satisfied by their fun treasure hunt.

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