Wooden sniffle `n snack puzzle cas 12x6x2,5CM

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Brand: duvoplus
Product line: playtime
Challenging play and snack puzzle made from high-quality wood
Fill the recesses with dried food or snacks
Prevents boredom and keeps the brain and body active
Stimulates the natural gnawing instinct
For rabbits and rodents
Description: Keep your pet happy and entertained with the duvoplus sniffle `n snack puzzle, a wooden play and snack puzzle for rabbits and rodents. Solving puzzles keeps your pet`s brain and body active and is good for mental development. Place yummy snacks or dried food in the recesses of the puzzle - the tasty reward is sure to stimulate your pet to play and exercise more. Wooden toys promote your rodent`s natural chewing instinct and help to keep their teeth healthy. Regular chewing keeps tooth growth under control.

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