Catch `n play fish Multicolour 28x13x5cm

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Brand: duvoplus
Product line: playtime
Electronic toy with moving tail
Touch sensor, turns on and off automatically
Rechargeable using USB, no batteries required
Ideal as a hunting toy
Catnip included
Description: Keep your cat happy and animated with the Catch ''n play fish from duvoplus, an interactive toy with moving tail. It keeps your cats’ bodies active while they hunt the fish. The fish has a special touch sensor, so the fish will not operate needlessly if the cat wants to rest for a while. As soon as the fish is touched again, the tail moves again and the game will start again! The toy has an on/off button. This makes the battery last longer, and you can easily turn the toy off at night. The fish is supplied with a sachet of catnip. Catnip causes a response in cats that makes them extra stimulated to play. Cats often tend to get too fat, an active toy keeps cats fit and healthy. The toy is easy to charge via USB, no batteries needed.

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