Quality designs for pet products

How EBI does it time after time!

Every single one of the products produced by our subsidiary Europet-Bernina International or EBI is a unique design. That certainly applies to the fashionable, high-quality D&D Home range that we will shortly launch.
All designed from scratch by our own design team.
All EBI articles, including the soon-to-be announced D&D Home range, have their origin in our own concepts. That makes every product unique. Just like our House of Brands, to which Europet-Bernina International has belonged since 2015 .
We join the EBI breakfast table, where most creative ideas arise. 

How do you come up with all these special designs?

Natascha, designer: “We constantly follow the latest trends in clothing, technology and interiors on Pinterest,
at lots of trade fairs and so on. Then we create mood boards using the colours, materials and products we’ve found. In the meantime, the first ideas start bubbling up. Then we develop the best ones.”
Holger, CEO of EBI: “This very open approach, always looking for on-trend materials and colours, including out-of-the-box. That practical way of thinking, supported by in-depth theoretical knowledge. That enthusiasm for creation and all the relevant lifestyles. These are the key skills of our design team.”

Is it also essential to ask the right questions every time

Natascha: “Absolutely! What are we planning to do with our brand? Are we meeting an established need, or stimulating new needs? What products are we missing for that? And how can we make the most of new trends that are innovative and like nothing else?”
Holger: “For the answers, we don’t look at our competitors, but we listen to pet guardians and retailers. And that way we come up with products that make us really stand out. It’s crucial to dare to take risks by working out our own ideas in a high-quality way.”


“How do you make sure that a less successful product development doesn’t harm the company?”

Holger: “For every project, we get feedback from designers, sales staff and buyers, and guardians of animals. Optionally, we can reduce the financial risk by lowering the minimum order size in our supply markets. Or we start with advance sales, so that we can get an early idea of the market response.”


“What is the greatest achievement of EBI so far?”

Natascha: “It’s got to be the D&D Home range that’s coming up. These new products are unique, because they don’t just meet the needs of cats and dogs, they reflect the latest fashions in interior design. So they fit seamlessly into a contemporary interior.”
So the future looks good, and after D&D Home there are lots more products and brands in the creative pipeline at EBI. Keep a look out…

Is there a designer in you too?

Have you got a bright idea? Maybe you’ve already produced a sketch for a product or brand? Tell us all about it at  marketing@laroygroup.com. Who knows, we could make something unique together