Laroy Duvo becomes Laroy Group

Press release, Wondelgem, 23/03/2015


We are proud to be able to tell you about a major new step in the ongoing development and professionalisation of our organisation.

To boost its efforts towards international expansion, the Laroy family, together with the management team, have decided to unify the activities of the separate companies Laroy Duvo, Witte Molen and Cédé in the new entity “Laroy Group”. The current company names will disappear and be replaced as of today. Above you will find our new face in the form of a new logo which from now on you will be seeing across all our communications.

The new group is an international family firm, specialising in food and other supplies for pets. Some 160 staff, active at three sites in Belgium and the Netherlands, achieve a total turnover of 50 million euro. Laroy Group makes food for birds and small mammals, mainly under its own familiar brands Cédé, Witte Molen and Duvo, as well as private label production. It also distributes other supplies for all domestic animals under its own brands, such as Duvo+, and as a partner of some major international brands.

This development enables us to create benefits of scale and extra punch in order to make our ambitious plans a success. Which will help us become an even stronger partner for your business. With yet more drive, under the motto ‘excellence in pet products’ we will continue to work for the future. More than fifty years ago we started as a tiny one-man business. Thanks to the confidence you have placed in us, today we have grown to become one of the best performing production and distribution partners in the pet sector.

All our staff are ready to spring into action, with the same passion as ever, to work alongside you to help your business to flourish for the next fifty years.

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