GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Protecting your privacy is our greatest concern!

Since 25 May 2018, the new GDPR privacy law applies throughout Europe in order to protect personal data when they are collected and processed. An initiative that receives our full support, since your privacy is our top priority. Just like total transparency, moreover, which is why we wish to show you precisely how we are complying with the GDPR rules.
In fact, we’ve already been monitoring the protection of your private data for years now, because we want to be your trusted partner in every area, including when it comes to collecting and processing your data. The introduction of the GDPR seemed to us the ideal moment to carefully review our privacy policy - because it can never be too strict.

Revised privacy statement

One of the results of our intellectual exercise is the revised privacy statement. It clearly informs you about the reasons why we process your private data, how securely we do this, what kinds of data may be involved and the exceptional cases in which we pass information on to third parties.


Update of disclaimer and data protection officer      

In addition, we rewrote our disclaimer where necessary. This explains very precisely when we retain your personal data and how we use them. You are also informed about your right to inspect your private data and have them corrected, as well as to object (free of charge) against having them used for direct marketing purposes.


Questions about the use of your data?

Want to exercise one of your rights, for example? We would be pleased to make that possible for you, so contact us via