Explor by Duvo+

Duvo+ EXPLOR, for adventurous dogs and their guardians!

Quite a few of our customers enjoy going on adventures with their dog. Specially for them we are launching Duvo+ EXPLOR: a new range of sturdy and weatherproof collars, leads and harnesses. A contemporary design, highly ergonomic, in durable materials, for better comfort and safety along the way. And all rigorously tested by four experienced hikers and their four-legged companions.
Duvo+ EXPLOR consists of four lines: NORTH, EAST, SOUTH and WEST, each with its own mix of models, colours and finishes. But all with the same durability and high quality, like soft neoprene linings on contact surfaces and sturdy metal closures, buckles and D-rings. 
Ideal for tough hikes through wind and weather with active dogs, as their guardians tell us.

NORTH, tested by Karen with Pride and Scout

“My faithful hounds and I went up onto our favourite hills to try out the NORTH gear. The result: the collars and harnesses were strong, close well and offer a lot of comfort. I found them very easy to use and perfectly adjustable to fit. And they also look good: woven from high quality nylon in two fashionable colours with brushed metal closures.”



EAST, tested by Mike with Orlando

“OK, I admit it (laughs). After the test I went straight out and bought an EAST lead, collar and harness to be able to take Orlando walking around town. Easy to adjust, so the harness fit perfectly.  But strong too: in two-colour woven high-quality nylon, with sturdy metal rings and click fasteners with sliding lock. And very safe, thanks to the fluorescent insert!”





SOUTH, tested by Mark with Anna

“What do we two like doing best? Jogging on the beach, splashing along happily! The sturdy, well-attached SOUTH lines seem just the ticket for use both in and out of the water. After plenty of outings they still look just like new. And they never get dirty (laughs): the sand just doesn’t stick to the strong PVC. And we are more than happy with the bright colours.  Sold!”



WEST, tested by Stefaan with Lucky

“Lucky has walked all over Europe with me, in all sorts of weather! Recently, we’ve used a durable WEST-harness in sturdy nylon, in a good-looking, traditional, plain colour. That fits perfectly and doesn’t get in the way at all, however enthusiastically Lucky runs ahead. Other plusses are the click closures with sliding locks and the strong, silver-grey metal rings. And of course this fluorescent insert that keeps us visible!”





Are you trying to sniff out adventures with your dog?

Then check in at our web store today, pick up some Duvo+ EXPLOR and head on out!