A new venture for the Laroy Group and Erwin Van Tendeloo with Flamingo Pet Products S.A.

The Laroy Group and Erwin Van Tendeloo today reached an agreement with the administrator to make a new start after the insolvency of Karlie Flamingo S.A.

Erwin Van Tendeloo, son of founder René van Tendeloo, and the Laroy Group will be jointly investing in Flamingo Pet Products S.A. Everything is now in place to restore Flamingo to its former glory.

With a promising growth and development plan, both investors are confident they can draw a line under the instability and uncertainty of the past year. This new challenge has the backing of the long-established and successful Laroy Group and the former Flamingo, inspired by the conviction that the pet accessory sector has sufficient potential to ensure that they can anticipate a period of strong growth ahead of them.

Flamingo Pet Products S.A. is to become an independent company within the Laroy Group, whose business operations will be managed from Geel. With this in mind, it was important for the Laroy Group to invite its former owner Erwin Van Tendeloo to join the team.

Laroy Group COO, Guy Toremans is to take over the role of CEO of the new company.  He will be supported in this position by Erwin Van Tendeloo. With a clear vision of company strategy over the next few years, both men espouse the core values of service, product knowledge and customer care.

New business Flamingo Pet Products S.A. will employ over 70 staff, many of whom are knowledgeable and experienced workers.


About the Laroy Group
Carlos Laroy started his own cereal and grain business in 1962. His enterprising spirit led to him developing his business over time and forming a partnership with Iams-Eukanuba, as well as the acquisition of CéDé which further strengthened his company position. To take the business to the next level, in the late 1990s the company expanded into accessory distribution. This upward trajectory continued, with the group experiencing accelerated growth in 2009. He created the Duvo+ brand and bought up the Dutch pet food company Witte Molen in 2013. In 2015, the Laroy Group also took over Europet Bernina, which has offices in the Netherlands, Germany and France. Thanks to its loyal staff, partners and customers, this former microenterprise is now a major production and distribution company in the pet sector.

About Erwin Van Tendeloo
René Van Tendeloo set up Flamingo in 1972. His passion for birds was a sound basis for a rapidly-growing business which specialised in pet bird supplies. Erwin Van Tendeloo took over the business in 1993. He quickly moved into export to the Netherlands and France. This expansion was further boosted by a number of acquisitions of similar businesses in Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as export to a number of other countries.  


Laroy Group Contacts
Els Laroy: els.laroy@laroygroup.com
Peter Moyaert: peter.moyaert@laroygroup.com

Flamingo Pet Products Contacts
Guy Toremans:  Guy.toremans@flamingo.be
Erwin Van Tendeloo: Erwin.van.tendeloo@flamingo.be