Colleague testimonials - Laroy Group

Over 200 people work side by side every day at Laroy Group. They are all enthusiastic professionals who take great pleasure in their work. We give you a brief glance behind the scenes.



Tony Sterckx - Graphic designer

I work in the accessories department where I am responsible for designing packaging bearing the Duvo+ logo.

That's why I like working at Laroy Group

The human diversity and the environment really appeal to me. All departments are on hand --  purchase, administration, sales and marketing - something you do not find in every company. In the run up to my recruitment, it became clear that Laroy Group is in a growth phase, and I considered it a nice challenge to be part of the attainment of such plans. I am a great animal lover and on that front I've found a great match with the products we sell.  Another winning asset is the fact that Laroy Group offers a complete range and that I am served up a product every week which makes me think:  Well now, is this for animals too? The dog bathrobe and the car seat are examples that can make me happy for a whole week.



Hilde Billiet – Accountant

I joined Laroy Group 1st november 2008, and as Accountant, I can count daily on the support of several colleagues.

My typical workday

I get up every morning at a quarter to seven, and after breakfast, I go to work on my bike weather permitting, or am dropped off. Once I get there, I find a wide range of tasks waiting for me, such as entering invoices, solving problems, VAT returns, audits, following up dossiers, drawing up quarterly figures…

Why do I like working at Laroy Group?

This is my first job where I can do exactly what I studied: accounting. This is what I have always really wanted to do and I have been fortunate to be able to do it in this job. The variation and regular challenges will always spare me from ever getting a feeling of tedium. I am also lucky to work with nice colleagues in a pleasant atmosphere.