Working @ Laroy Group - Laroy Group

Attracting talent to support the fast growth of our organization constitutes one of the fundamentals of our company. With Laroy Duvo we adhere to several values: respect, team spirit, open communication and involvement. These values serve as a guideline for all our staff members enabling them to be successful in their work and to build relations built on mutual trust with colleagues, customers and suppliers. When recruiting new staff we attach great importance to the candidates’ determination and will to implement these values.


Respect for each other

A successful team is a team respecting both each other and their customers and this both internally and externally. In our thoughts and actions we are open to others and their opinions. We strive for justice and mutual respect in all that we do.


Open communication and transparency

Open communication enhances people’s trust. Transparency creates involvement and guarantees motivated staff. It also implies frankness, a listening ear and openness to suggestions and concerns. We share best practices and new developments, always working towards the same goal. Open communication, also when something goes wrong, ensures that people, customers and staff have and keep faith in the company.


Team spirit and constructive cooperation

All our actions are based on the conviction that the efforts of a team are always more productive than those of an individual. We help each other and share our knowledge. In this way, we can use our competences in the best possible way, thereby ensuring involvement and enthusiasm within teams. Enthusiasm gives us the strength to go above and beyond the line of duty and to always look for ways to improve ourselves.



Staff members who are involved contribute to the success of the organization by adopting working standards such as determination, pro-activeness, high productivity and the will to always provide the best possible quality. They understand the strategy of the company and are prepared to contribute to its implementation. They will do the right things rightly.