Witte Molen, made in the Netherlands since 1740

About Witte Molen

A healthy, balanced diet is important for all of us and no less so for the animals whom we love and care for. Hence Witte Molen goes the extra mile every day to contribute to the well-being of pets and their owners, by developing, manufacturing and marketing practical, innovative and high quality food and pet care products for pet birds, rabbits and rodents, wild birds, pigeons and domestic fowl. To achieve this, we work in close collaboration with other businesses, farmers and end-users, identifying and taking account of their needs and wishes as part of the production process.


Witte Molen PUUR

You’ll go wild for our new premium quality food range, PUUR. Witte Molen PUUR is for committed pet owners who want to give their pets the very best. For those who make their decisions with their heads and their hearts. PUUR is a range for body, mind and soul.
PUUR products are designed for birds, rabbits and rodents.

PUUR is all about providing a varied diet from high quality ingredients, with a few stand-out items in every product. Our balanced formulas are designed specifically for the species in question, with all the essential nutrients they need along with a great taste. Our modern, minimalist packaging, with a nature theme, creates an eye-catching display on the shelves. We were nominated for the Packaging Awards 2017 in the “Long-life Food" category.

The Witte Molen website

As soon as the launch of a new product line became a reality, projects were immediately set up to enhance Witte Molen’s online profile. Unlike many of our competitors, we thought it was important not to simply push the product to website visitors. Rather, we thought it was more useful to use our website to share our extensive knowledge of animals and pet ownership. This is covered under the “Animals" section of our website. 

More information is available on the website:

Our History

Witte Molen was founded over 270 years ago in Meeuwen (Netherlands), where the company is still based today. At that time, the village mill owners began to trade in cereal and grains. They quickly advanced to buying raw materials from all around the world. During the golden age, commodities arrived into their warehouses from all four corners of the globe. As it stands today, the pet food manufacturing side of the business owes a lot to this trade in cereal, grains and nuts.

Over the years, the business started to focus on other areas. However, it has retained a high level of knowledge and interest in animal feed, which is why the ingredients and nutritional quality of its products generally outstrip those of its competitors even to this day.

Witte Molen is now capitalising on this knowledge to develop new food products for birds, rodents, pigeons and domestic fowl. Thanks to our privileged relationships with farming businesses, Witte Molen has grown to become one of Europe's top bird and rodent feed manufacturers, famous for its Witte Molen fresh egg feed mix.

A key international player and part of the Laroy Group

Whilst Witte Molen is based in the Netherlands, most of its products are sold abroad. We now export to over 40 countries, and this number is growing all the time. Witte Molen is now a household name for many pet owners and businesses in Europe, Asia and South America..

As of 2013, Witte Molen has been part of the Laroy Group. This Belgium-based family business produces and sells feed and accessories for a large range of animals. As part of the Laroy Group, specialist animal feed manufacturer Witte Molen is now able to offer its customers a huge range of feed and accessories for dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, pigeons, fish and reptiles as well as great customer service.