We are passionate about pets. That’s why duvoplus has such a large range of mainstream pet products for all manner of animals, offering outstanding value for money. These products are an essential part of any caring relationship between a pet and its owner, allowing them both to live longer, healthier and happier lives together. duvoplus products are innovative, fun and modern. They are also designed with animals’ natural behaviour and habits in mind. 

Writing pet stories together

Our passion for pets is not just about specialist product development, but also sharing experiences and stories. From the first obedience training class, the moment your seven-week-old kitten meets its new family for the first time, the little girl who receives a rabbit for her birthday…

duvoplus has all these situations covered in Stories. A source of information and inspiration for you and your pet. These stories help and inspire owners to find fun activities to do with their own pets. Or you can get advice on how to handle difficult situations. Would you like to share your own story or experience? Get in touch today!


The duvoplus collection is all about meeting your pet's essential needs, and includes a range of products which make life easier for both pet and owner To help you quickly navigate your way through our range of over 3000 items, we have divided them into five main categories: Eating & Drinking, Lifestyle & Relaxation, Travel, Playing & Learning and Health & Beauty.

Under each category heading, duvoplus also lists products by pet type and each section also shows the key essentials, stylish alternatives as well as fun treats. duvoplus offers a wide range of products catering to all tastes. 

A strong brand, with strong sub-brands

This is a strategic approach to presenting the brand and associated products. The first thing people identify with is always the logo. The duvoplus heart is your guarantee of a product produced to stringent quality standards and at an affordable price.. The heart-shaped logo is usually in a prominent position on the packaging and consolidated by additional visual elements.

Some product ranges may require additional visual support for the straightforward reason that the product type requires it or because this additional information helps to give a fuller picture of the product. Good examples are the Bamboo brushes or Crazy Cat Toys. Here you will quickly be able to spot the duvoplus logo. The logo is often also enhanced by other coloured elements.

Finally, you may often also recognise Duvo+ products from a little notice on the base of the packaging. duvoplus is very clear here about identifying its sub- brands, such as SEEcur!ty and Diamond Dog for example. These products and ranges have been specially designed for a specific target market, to create a particular style and identity representing genuine added value.