Coockoo, Crazy for pets

The movie!


Coockoo, Crazy for pets!

What began with three funny fluffy, googly-eyed tennis balls took on a life of its own and grew to become Coockoo, a range of fun and sometimes surprising toys and accessories for cats and dogs. Coockoo toys stand out from the crowd with their quirky designs, their cute googly eyes and bright colours. The Bouncys are by far the most amusing. They make a funny noise and bounce off in all directions. Will you choose a Bubble, a Thunder or a sturdy Breezy for your four-legged friend? Or perhaps your faithful friend would prefer an adorable Fuzzl, Huggl (with 10 squeakers!) or even a Boozy?


Tornados & Bumpies!

These are all really fun toys, however the standout pieces of the Coockoo collection are definitely Bumpies and Tornados! They are high-quality toys made from superior-quality natural rubber and can easily compete with similar brands on the market. They can be filled with tasty treats or delicious home-made dishes. How about a cheese omelette, a yoghurt sorbet or Oriental chicken? Bon appétit!


Coockoo, for cats too!

Coockoo also has a great range of cat toys, such as the Wobble and  the Sling, which are perfect for kittens. These animated toys move on their own, stimulating play. An interactive toy which helps keep cats amused. The Cat Dome comes in the simple traditional model, as well as a Super DeLuxe

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With so much to choose, you’re bound to go... Coockoo!