CéDé, quality birdfood since 1954!

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What makes Cédé products unique? They are made from fresh eggs!

Fresh eggs are the key ingredients in CéDé’s egg mix. Why? A chicken’s egg contains a perfect balance of the building blocks of protein, (known as amino acids). This animal protein is essential to the healthy growth of chicks in the nest/coop.

CéDé’s unique processes transform fresh hen’s eggs into a nutritional “egg grain”. CéDé carries out the entire manufacturing process in-house, from preparing the feed mix, cooking it, drying it out and finally granulating it into a fine egg-based biscuit crumb ready for use. To guarantee the consistent quality of this nutritious biscuit feed, CéDé uses its own automated baking process.

This “egg grain” is the key ingredient in all of CéDé’s egg mixes. This ingredient is what makes CéDé’s egg mix a unique product.

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Quality birdfood since 1954

CéDé started life in Tilburg (Netherlands) in 1954 as a family business. CéDé developed its product range by working in close collaboration with nutritionists and bird breeders. In 2000, it invested in a new modern production facility in Evergem, Belgium. By sharing knowledge and experiences with bird lovers, CéDé has become the world leader in the bird egg food market: CéDé, the market leader for quality!