Aqua D'ella, Art of Aqua

Aqua D'ella is 'awesome'! Why?

Aqua D’ella is a unique range of aquarium accessories. Each item is created in the highest-quality polyester resin and is perfectly suited to fresh or salt water aquariums. With a remarkably detailed finish, these decorative items look completely lifelike. Crucially, they also in no way affect the biological balance of your aquarium. All decorations are completely pH neutral.

A wide range to choose from!

We have a particularly extensive range of styles, types and sizes. Do you like the natural look? If so, you will love our Flora Scape, Rocks/Cliffs and Root/Wood ranges. Do you want an international feel for your aquarium? Then the ‘Sightseeing’ is the range for you! Your aquatic friends can take a tour of the world’s great monuments, from Asia and Europe to South America in the comfort of their aquarium. Perhaps you prefer the classics? Our classic collection will definitely add a touch of class to your aquarium. Skulls, shipwrecks and starfish are just the tip of the iceberg!

Discover Aqua D'ella Coral!

The Aqua D’ella Coral collection has 8 basic reefs and a range of corals in various sizes, shapes and colours. You can combine these reefs and corals to create the perfect Aqua D'ella reef for your aquarium. The coral looks completely lifelike, due to its meticulously accurate and detailed finish. There is also a range of coral in natural reef colours for those who want a less brightly-coloured look for their aquarium.
Watch the video below for more information!